Past Excellence Awards Winners



Winner: Drew Bewsher, Bewsher Consulting




Drew’s career of over 30 years has included the preparation of over 30 FRM studies and plans and 20 development control plans for Councils across NSW. As part of this body of work, Drew has supported and trained a number of floodplain managers who continue to work in the industry. 

Drew’s career has involved input into many other projects in Australia and overseas covering river hydraulics, hydrologic studies, urban drainage investigations, dam break studies, project management and construction supervision. 

Drew has continuously worked to foster a better relationship between the traditional engineering focus to FRM and town planning outcomes. 

Key projects include his contributions to the Hawkesbury Nepean Flood Management Strategy, the award winning publication Managing Flood Risk Through Planning Opportunities, expert opinion for the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry and technical support to the Snowy Water Inquiry and numerous projects throughout the Murray-Darling Basin.

“Congratulations to Drew on his outstanding contribution to FRM over the years, and his unwavering drive to improve the resilience of communities from all around the nation,” FMA President Ian Dinham said.




Winner: Moreton Bay Regional Council



Working with StoneGecko Pty Ltd, Queensland’s Moreton Bay Regional Council has designed and built an automated management system to integrate region-wide flood data from 14 catchments, and produce highly detailed reports for every property in the region. 

All flood data is version controlled, easily updated, and the results can be traced directly from the models through to Council’s community information products. 

The tools provided enable a single flood data administrator the ability to publish over 1000 seamless flood datasets and produce over 300,000 flood reports with updated flood information within 7 to 10 working days. 

Awareness of FRM within the region has grown dramatically since the introduction of this system, indicated by the increase from 300 to more than 32,000 detailed flood reports being provided each year. 

The flood data integration and reporting systems are now available to other councils or agencies, enabling the use of a ‘tried and tested’ approach at a far lower cost than the equivalent full development costs for similar systems.


Highly Commended: Wimmera Catchment Management Authority and Water Technology



The Flood Investigation for the Victorian townships of Warracknabeal and Brim produced historic and design flood mapping for Yarriambiack Creek, a distributary of the Wimmera River, and formed the basis for design of a levee to provide protection of the Warracknabeal community in floods up to the 1% AEP. 

The project area was approximately 70km in length covering several regional communities. Modelling utilised a flexible mesh approach using Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) technology. This was the first Victorian application of this technology for a flood investigation. 

Achieving the technical project outputs within the project budget and timeframe would not have been possible without the adoption of a flexible mesh GPU approach which can speed up traditional hydraulic model simulations by up to 100 times. 

The project team took an approach to ensure a very open process of communication and allowed feedback to be received directly to the team and all interested parties. The methodology undertaken, combined with the subsequent community support to construct the recommended levee, is a testament to efforts of all involved in the investigation and highlights the project’s local and regional significance to flood risk management.


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