NSW Floodplain Management Grants

2nd March 2019

As FMA Members were notified at the recent NSW/ACT Chapter Meeting in Sydney last week, applications are now open for the 2019-20 Floodplain Management Grants Program from the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage.

Applications can be made for the following independent project stages:

1. Preparation of a flood study

2. Prepare or review floodplain risk management study and plan

3. Investigation, design and completion of a feasibility study for works identified in a floodplain management plan

4. Implementation of actions identified in a floodplain risk management plan, including but not limited to:

  • structural works
  • flood warning systems
  • evacuation management
  • voluntary purchase or house raising.
During the 2018-19 round of grants, the program awarded funding to 33 projects, totalling over $6.9million.
The funding for program is a joint effort between the NSW Floodplain Management Program and the Floodplain Grants Scheme, and aims to support local government in reducing the risk of flood to their communities.
To find out more information, such as eligibility, guidelines, application forms, past funded projects and reference materials, visit the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website's flood grants page.
If you have any questions or queries about your applications, please liaise with your local OEH office.

The closing date for applications is 20 March, so get yours in now.

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