Brisbane Workshop on Performance Based Specifications for River/Rain Gauges

1st July 2018

As announced at the Annual General Meeting last month FMA will from now on be holding a Meeting and Workshop each August for our Queensland Chapter.


FMA’s 8 August Brisbane Workshop will discuss the draft Standard for Flood Warning Infrastructure, and the dilemma presently facing Councils as a result of key river and rain gauge equipment no longer being available.


The new standard was developed by the National Flood Warning infrastructure Working Group and is currently available for comment, see the BoM website.


The recent decision by Eaton to no longer supply the ALERT canisters used in river/rain gauges is forcing industry to resolve a new path forward. 


The Workshop will receive a briefing from the Bureau of Meteorology, hear the experiences of equipment providers, installers and owners, and explore opportunities for the new standard.


Save the date for the Brisbane Chapter Meeting and RSVP now by contacting us.

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