BoM Releases TC Debbie Report

4th April 2018

Twelve months on from Tropical Cyclone Debbie, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has released the Tropical Cyclone Debbie Technical Report.
With more than $1.7b in insurance claims, the Insurance Council of Australia has described Debbie as the second most financially damaging storm in the nation's history, second only to Cyclone Tracy in 1974.
While much of the damage was due to destructive winds, extreme rainfall in many areas exceeded 500mm in 24 hours resulting in major flooding of the Fitzroy, Logan, Albert, Gold Coast, Tweed, Brunswick, Richmond and Wilsons' catchments.
BoM's report includes re-analysis of Debbie's intensity; after crossing the Whitsunday Islands Debbie weakened slightly to a high-end Category 3 cyclone at landfall on the mainland coast.
The report also includes a summary of official rainfall, wind, pressure, tide, wave and river level observations gathered from the event from QLD and NSW.
The report, as well as other historical data, is available at the BoM's website.
BoM also released a YouTube video explaining the development and impacts of Debbie.

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