Dr Stephen Yeo Leads Windsor Flood Walks

1st September 2017

During the 150th Anniversary of the Great Flood in the Hawkesbury-Nepean this month, FMA Professional Member Dr. Stephen Yeo led walking tours highlighting the flood history of the Windsor area.
The flood tours were incredibly popular, and quickly booked out as they provided residents with insights into the famed flooding of 1867, and the shared community stories of the event.
Dr. Yeo also used these walks as an opportunity to gauge community understanding of current flooding in the area, and learnt that there are many misconceptions about the risks they face. Most residents do not believe that they personally could be affected by flooding such as that of 1867, and did not feel flooding was a major concern.
Dr. Yeo reminded residents that while there has not been flooding on the scale of the Great Flood in recent years, they can and will happen again, and the importance of being prepared.
At the 2017 FMA National Conference in May, Dr. Yeo provided a presentation on the topic The June 1867 Floods in New South Wales: Causes, Characteristics, Impacts and Lessons. You can read it online here.

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