Welcome New FMA Members

1st September 2017

FMA would like to welcome two new Corporate Members into Floodplain Management Australia:
Northrop Consulting Engineers
Northrop currently prepare flood studies and flood impact assessments for working on behalf of developers for individual developments. This involves both calibration to existing Council studies, or preparation of new studies if no information currently exists. Advice typically includes whether the development is suitable given the existing flood risk and whether the impact is deemed significant with respect to flood level, velocity, hazard and time of inundation.
You can find more info at Northrop.com.au.
Spearpoint promotes and markets a range of products specifically designed for flood mitigation, ground stabilisation, beach and soil erosion control.  These products have been successfully deployed to protect towns against pending floods. 
This year Spearpoint have been marketing these products at various Local Government gatherings including the Queensland Local Government Conference in Mackay and the nation General Assembly of Local Government in Canberra.  A number of Councils are currently trialling these products with a view to using them as an alternative to sandbags.
Visit spearpointtechnology.com.au for more.
FMA Members gain access to exclusive Conference Papers, receive significant discounts to FMA Conferences and events, and are provided with free promotional opportunities within our network. And with that network consisting of over 140 Councils, CMA, businesses and professionals from all around Australia, it is a significant pool.
If you are interested at joining FMA, visit our Membership page and do it now.

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