Welcome New FMA Members

30th June 2017

FMA would like to take the opportunity to welcome a number of new Members into the Membership:
NSW SES (Corporate)
The New South Wales State Emergency Service (NSW SES) is the legislated combat agency for floods, storms and tsunami in NSW. This role includes planning for, responding to and coordinating the initial recovery from floods.
The NSW SES has a strategic interest in the public safety aspects of the development of flood prone land, in particular the changes to land use to either exacerbate existing flood risk or create new flood risk for communities in NSW.
NSW SES are committed to helping reduce the risk and impact of flooding on life and property and more broadly in playing an important role in building disaster resilient communities.
For more on the NSW SES, visit ses.nsw.gov.au.
Rhelm Pty Ltd (Corporate)
Rhelm specialises in providing a range of floodplain risk management services across a range of clients.
Rhelm undertakes hydrological and hydraulic assessments for input to flood studies and floodplain risk management studies for local councils across NSW. They utilise modelling capabilities to provide flood impact assessments for potential development scenarios, stream management and other works within floodplains.
Rhelm also provides policy and planning advice to local and state government organisations, including expert witness services.
For more information on Rhelm, visit rhelm.com.au
New Professional Members
We also have some new Professional and Student Members who have come on board. As is custom, we do not circulate details of our Professional, Individual and Student Members, but we hope to introduce them at our upcoming Meetings.

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