2017 FMA Conference Communique

1st June 2017

Thanks again to Allan Gear who facilitated the closing National Flood Forum, and thanks to all those who contributed to the session. Allan drew together the key learnings from the Conference, and provided the sobering personal observation that he had been involved a wide range of flood risk management activities over the last 38 years and in that time there have been great advances in the field,  but still people are dying each year in floods. He posed the question “Are you doing enough yet?”
After discussion from the floor the following Conference Communique was unanimously adopted:
“This Conference identifies that all Australian States and Territories experience floods and predict future floods, with inherent risks to life, property and infrastructure, each associated with a social and economic loss.
Collaboratively, Floodplain Management Australia will advocate through the application of science, policy, engagement and innovation for a planned minimisation in those risks and losses.
The future depends on us.”

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