FMA National Conference Update - Keynote

7th April 2017

The next FMA National Conference will be held in the coastal city of Newcastle, New South Wales in just five weeks. The focus of this Conference is Preparing for the Next Great Flood which looks at applying lessons from past floods, to help our communities avoid future disasters.


One keynote speaker for the Conference is Associate Professor Jacky Croke, from The University of Queensland's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. 


Assoc. Professor Croke will be speaking to 'What did we learn from the Lockyer Valley 2011 Flood? Lessons and opportunities from the Big Flood Project', and you can read her presentation abstract below:


"Six years ago on the 11th of January 2011 an unprecedented catastrophic flood event unfolded in the Lockyer Valley in south east Queensland, one of Australia’s fastest growing regions in terms of population and infrastructure expansion.


Rapid flood waters spilled out across the floodplains and moved downstream and throughout the Brisbane River catchment inundating the capital’s CBD and inner suburbs.


The 2011 flood was reported in the media as ‘biblical’ and extreme in its magnitude and is estimated to have cost the Australian economy ~ $6B.


This presentation reviews several key lessons and some exciting opportunities emerging from an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project entitled ‘The Big Flood: will it happen again?’ ( which involved collaboration between Universities and state industry partners.


The presentation focusses on three key themes (i) The role of Geomorphology in Flood Risk Management (ii) Extending the flood record through palaeoflood reconstruction and (iii) reducing uncertainty in flood frequency analysis- the exciting future of flood risk management in Australia."


Assoc. Professor Croke's presentation ties in perfectly to the Conference theme, and is sure to be an incredibly informative keynote.


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