Toowoomba Regional Council FRM Update

8th November 2016

FMA Members will be familiar with Toowoomba Regional Council’s Safer, Stronger, More Resilient Region project, which commissioned and released flood studies for 35 locations across the region. These studies were undertaken by specialist engineers and incorporate the latest data, modelling techniques and community input.


An in-depth review of the studies and flood data received during consultation has helped inform detailed flood risk assessments and planning evaluations recently completed for the Region.  These assessments give clarity when planning for future development and provide information to assist Council identify the best responses to manage future flood risk. 


Community consultation on the flood risk assessments and planning evaluations and Council’s proposed planning responses to manage future flood risk is open between 17 October and 30 November 2016.


For more information on the consultation, and to provide your input, please visit

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