Welcome New Members

3rd October 2016

We would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to our new FMA Members:


Northern Central Catchment Management Authority (VIC)

North Central CMA (NCCMA) is the regional floodplain management authority in the north central region of Victoria, covering approximately 13% of the state. Some townships include Bendigo, Echuca, Swan Hill, Charlton and Rochester.


NCCMA’s primary role centres around providing support to local councils and VICSES to ensure that new development is built appropriately, communities are prepared for future flood events, and there is adequate flood intelligence to enable emergency services to respond to future flood events.


To find out more about NCCMA, visit http://www.nccma.vic.gov.au.


Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (VIC)

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in Victoria leads Victoria’s floodplain management policy and develops state legislation and standards for floodplain management.


DELWP assists Victorian LGAs to manage floodplains and implement flood mitigation works to reduce the risk of flooding, as well as facilitates the management of levee systems, oversees flood warning systems and collates flood information across the state.


For more information on DELWP, visit http://delwp.vic.gov.au.


Hydrology and Risk Consulting (VIC)

Hydrology and Risk Consulting (HARC) is a consulting engineering company specialising in surface water hydrology and flood modelling.  HARC is located in Blackburn, Victoria, but works for a range of private industry and government clients across Australia.  The scope of HARC’s services includes activities such as flood studies, flood risk management studies, hydrological and 1D/2D hydraulic modelling and flood damage and consequence assessments.


Some of HARC’s current and recent projects include a flood hydrology for the Swan Avon River, a review of the hydrological modelling for Townsville City Council and an independent review of the Tuggeranong Creek flood study in the ACT. 


Learn more about HARC at www.harconsulting.com.au.

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