FRM Short Course - An Ideal Intro for Councillors and Staff

18th May 2016

The FMA-OEH Floodplain Risk Management Short Course will be offered  in three blocks in August, September and October, and is an ideal introduction to flood risk management, or opportunity to broaden your skills.
This course is conducted by University of Technology, Sydney in conjunction with Floodplain Management Australia (FMA) and the NSW Government.
Taught by industry professionals, including flood risk and emergency response management and land use planning experts from NSW Government, local government and consultancies, this course uses lectures and interactive tutorials to show how the development and implementation of plans to manage flood risk can reduce the impacts of flooding on the community and the built environment.
Floodplain Risk Management is aimed at engineers, emergency managers and land use planners who are engaged in, or seeking to enter, the floodplain risk management industry in Australia and wanting to learn more about developing and implementing management plans considering best practice.
It is also suitable for elected local government officials and community representatives on floodplain risk management committees seeking a background in floodplain risk management, flood mitigation, emergency management and land use planning issues.
  • Block 1 Introduction to Floodplain Risk Management 4-5 August 2016
  • Block 2 Managing Flood Risk to Existing Properties 8-9 September 2016
  • Block 3 Effective Consideration of Flood Risk in Land Use Planning 6-7 October 2016

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