Water Modelling Solutions Diversity Awards

4th March 2021

FMA Member Water Modelling Solutions was recently awarded Engineers Australia’s ‘Most Ambitious Company in Gender Diversity’ for 2020.

FMA would like to celebrate their achievement, and the following article has been submitted by Water Modelling Solutions regarding their win.

Water Modelling Solutions is proud member of Floodplain Management Australia. Blake Boulton founded Water Modelling Solutions (WMS) in 2012 and was joined by Monika Balicki as a Director and 50% shareholder in 2015. Blake and Monika seek to drive the development of water engineering and provide engineers with the opportunity to be part of a changing workforce. The judges were particularly impressed by the following aspects of our submission:

  • Small businesses account for 42% of the field of Professional, Scientific and Technical services. It is therefore vital that small businesses make just as much progress in regards to Gender Diversity as large businesses. However, small businesses do not have the resources to develop custom policies and procedures. Instead, we have made great progress by agreeing on a set of values and living these values day in and day out. We make no exceptions!
  • Being small we can easily share experiences in a very personal way. Through storytelling, we are able to share our experiences of where the industry has performed poorly, where things have been done well and where things have changed. We have also shared our experience of gender bias and where we should have spoken up and have or have not.
  • One of our key focusses has been to develop confidence in business relationship building skills at an early career stage. We do this by involving young women engineers in all aspects of business development and client meetings. Often these early interactions are led by other senior women.

To find out more about Water Modelling Solutions, and their work visit watermodelling.com.au.


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