Updated Flood Guidance for Councils

23rd April 2020

As Members would be aware the NSW Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment has been working to update the 2007 Flood Planning Guideline which no longer aligns with the NSW Government’s approach to flood risk management.

The Department has provided a comprehensive review leading to the recent release of its updated Flood Prone Land Package for public comment. This package provides advice to Councils on considering flooding in land use planning and consists of:

  • a proposed amendment to schedule 4, section 7A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000
  • a revised planning circular
  • a revised local planning direction regarding flooding issued under section 9.1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
  • revised Local Environmental Plan flood clauses
  • a new guideline: Considering Flooding in Land Use Planning (2020).

The Department’s website states “Significant flood events, like those in Brisbane in 2011 and those more recently in NSW show the importance of managing flood risk up to and beyond the 1 in 100 chance per year flood and considering flood risks up to the probable maximum flood level. This will build resilience in communities located on floodplains and reduce the extent of property damage and potential loss of life from severe to extreme flooding throughout NSW.”

The exhibition package can be accessed at  www.planning.nsw.gov.au/floodingThe package is on exhibition until 25 June 2020 and submissions can be made during that period. An FMA submission will be prepared over the next few weeks and if Members have specific comments that they wish to pass on for consideration please forward those to Glenn Evans: eo@floods.org.au.  

The Department will also be hosting a series of Webinars on the package including one set up specifically for FMA Members on 28 May. We encourage all Members register to attend.


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