2015 Excellence Awards Winners




Winner: Vic Tysoe, Gosford City Council



Vic has worked diligently to improve community awareness in all aspects of local flooding both within the local community and amongst various State and Local Government Departments. 

Vic instigated the development of a Gosford City Council Flood website. The comprehensive website supplies local flood history, advice on contacts, flood maps, details of the FRM process and direct public access to current studies and plans. Vic also participates in community workshops for flood affected communities and public displays to raise awareness of where flooding can occur in the LGA. 

Vic developed the idea of making an educational DVD to address identified gaps in practitioners’ knowledge of the FRM process. The DVD went on to win the 2013 Resilient Australia Awards, NSW Division. The making of the DVD brought together members of the SES, OEH, BOM, Manly Hydraulics Laboratory and a cast of Council and community members to work collaboratively on the project with great success. 


Highly Commended: Mayor Clr Margaret Strelow



Mayor Clr Strelow has, since her election in 2012, championed a range of policies and activities that have raised the awareness and mitigation of the impacts of flooding on the Rockhampton Regional Council (RRC) area. 

Mayor Clr Strelow has played an integral role in the development of the RRC Flood Management Strategy and its subsequent promotion, by building awareness and encouraging resilience within the community.  She has also ensured that the new Planning Scheme incorporates the latest flooding information available including both the Fitzroy River flooding and the recent local creek catchment flooding models 





Winner: Bundaberg Regional Council



The Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan was a project initiated and led by Bundaberg Regional Council following the devastating floods of January 2013. 

The ultimate project goal for the Burnett River Floodplain Action Plan was to identify and assess a set of preferred floodplain risk management options that builds flood resilience, fosters community preparedness, and ultimately saves lives. 

Importantly, the project covered not only the City of Bundaberg but those upstream communities living on or adjacent to the Lower Burnett River. There were approximately 6,500 flood-affected properties covering a flood inundation area over 275km2. 

The project gave consideration to a full range of flood risk reduction measures including: 

• Land Use Planning – for the new Regional Planning Scheme; 

• Flood Modification – Structural mitigation works such as levees and channels; 

• Property Modification – Resilience improvements to private property; 

• Response Modification – Improvements to early flooding warning systems; and 

• Community Education - Community understanding of flood risk 


Highly Commended: Richmond River County Council



Given the high rainfall of the Northern Rivers, flood-prone nature of the Richmond Floodplain, and the inherent risks of flooding to landowners and residents of this area, Richmond River County Council developed a website focussed on delivering key emergency messages in times of flood. 

The Flood Information website places vital information at the forefront, seamlessly integrating SES messaging, weather warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology, and providing valuable resources during flood events. In addition, the website provides community education; offering preparedness and recovery tips, flood studies, and historical information on floods. 

With quick and easy access to emergency information, flood history, past flood data and education, website visitors are able to form a ‘big-picture’ view of the many variables involved in flood events, and how those variables can affect required action - not only in times of emergency, but also in daily mitigation. 

The Flood Information website was created in collaboration with multiple community and government partners, such as local councils, the SES, and NSW MyRoadInfo.

2014 Excellence Award Winners