What Happens When Cars Drive Through Moving Flood Water?

2nd February 2020

In nearly every flood event we hear of motorists entering floodwaters, risking not only their own lives but those of passengers and rescue personnel.

The Queensland Chapter Workshop in Brisbane on Wednesday 12 February will hear how a team at the University of New South Wales Water Research Laboratory (UNSW WRL) has been testing how small and large cars behave when they encounter flash floods, replicating scenarios faced by many stranded motorists, but doing so in an especially configured test tank.

The tests were a world first as previous experiments to understand the force of floodwaters relied on using vehicle miniatures, rather than actual cars. The workshop will provide an update on recent work since the lab’s flood hazard research for ARR and Handbook 7.

Discussion will be led by Grantley Smith, Principal Engineer and Manager of the WRL. 

This is a special presentation you cannot afford to miss.

Details of the full Queensland Chapter Meeting are:

When: 10am Morning Tea, 10.30am Meeting start on Wednesday 12 February

Where: George Williams Hotel, 317-325 George Street, Brisbane

Note: A light morning tea and lunch will be served throughout the day.

Attendance of the Meeting is free, but please advise Dominique Jovanovic at projectservices@floods.org.au of your planned attendance (this helps greatly with catering requirements and organisation).


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