Review of Gwydir Floodplain Management Plan

1st May 2021

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (Water) has commenced its five-year review of Gwydir rural floodplain management plan.

Floodplain management plans provide the framework for coordinating the development of flood works on a whole-of-valley basis. Flood works include barrages, causeways, cuttings, embankments, levees to prevent inundation of flood waters, building pads and below ground channels.

The purpose of flood work approvals is to ensure that the construction or use of a work

  • does not cause negative impacts on water sources and their dependent ecosystems, other water users, and
  • minimises the existing and future risk to human life and property.

The Water Management Act 2000 requires that the plan is reviewed in the fifth year after commencement to ascertain whether its provisions remain adequate and appropriate.

For details of the review see:

The Department is seeking feedback regarding:

  1. Is the floodplain management plan adequate and appropriate for ensuring the effective implementation of the water management principles?
  2. Are there issues with the plan that were identified since commencement and impact on effectiveness of implementation?
  3. Are there potential amendments to the plan that should be considered?
Submissions close 18 May 2021. 

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