FMA Submission to NSW DPIE Flood Prone Land Package Review

1st July 2020

This month FMA provided input to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s draft updated Flood Prone Land Package.

FMA commends the Department’s review of the key flood risk management policies that influence planning in NSW, however believes the following fundamental changes should be considered:

• Dispensing with the reliance on a singular flood planning level (FPL) in local environmental plans (LEPs).

• Reviewing the way flood planning areas (FPAs) are delineated in LEPs so that they are consistent with the definition of flood prone land (i.e. floodplain) in the Manual to provide a practical framework for more detailed controls in development control plans (DCPs) for a range of land uses subject to different flood hazards.

• Providing better ways of mapping areas of the floodplain for the planning purposes that reflect a risk based approach to FRM and avoid miscommunicating flood risk to the community.

• Uncomplicating the way the planning system addresses FRM and bringing greater consistency with the FRM process specified by the Manual.

These changes are consistent with the FMA Land Use Planning Position Policy, which is available at

To read the full submission and FMA's past submissions, please visit


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