Did You See Us in the ASFPM Newsletter?

1st August 2018

As you may know, FMA President Ian Dinham and FMA Ambassador Allan Gear travelled to the United States to attend the Association of State Floodplain Manager's Annual Conference in June.
FMA and ASFPM have had very strong connections for many years and regularly take part in each other's events and conferences, including a keynote presentation by Larry Larson (ASFPM Director Emeritus) and a US delegation at FMA's Tweed Conference in 2013.
ASFPM releases a newsletter entitled News & Views six times a year and the FMA visit was featured in the latest issue. 
You can read the feature here or by clicking the image above.
If you are interested in the latest in all things flood from the United States, you can view current and past editions of the newsletter at the ASFPM website

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