Newcastle 2017 Conference Papers

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Conference Papers

  • Amber Webster - Developing the Hydrology Support Team for South Australia
  • Andrew Gissing - Community Participation in Emergency Planning: NSW State Emergency Service Case Study
  • Andrew Lui - Flood Abatement Solution: No Effort Is Too Small
  • Andrew Northfield - Estimating the Consequences of Retarding Basin Failures
  • Andrew Vitale - A Continuous Simulation Approach to Assessing Flood Closures for Major Transport Corridors
  • Anne Kolega - Agent Based Evacuation Modelling in Toowoomba For Better Flood Incident Management
  • Belinda Davies - Planning for What is Hard While it is Easy: Emergency Planning for Leveed Communities
  • Ben Patterson - Flash Flood Warning Systems: An Advanced Approach Towards Flood Resilient Cities
  • Ben Tate - Improving Flood Intelligence in VicSES Incident Management Teams
  • Bronson McPherson - Development of Lake Macquarie City-Wide Flood Warning System
  • Cameron Druery - Automating Flood Certificates:What, Why and How?
  • Camille White - Maximising Local Knowledge and Community Involvement to Prepare for Flood Events in Northern Victoria
  • Carla Mooney - Developing a National Strategic Plan for Flood Warning Infrastructure
  • Clare Mintern - Detailed Flood Risk Information Products to Improve Community Preparedness and Resilience
  • Danny Rose - Caravan Park Conundrum - Balancing Flood Risk, Town Planning and Social Impacts
  • Daniel Burton - FLARE: A National Flash Flood Warning Resource
  • Daniel Williams - Predicting the Next Major Flood on the Hunter River
  • David Stephens - Impact of Ensemble and Joint Probability Techniques on Design Flood Levels
  • Duncan McLuckie - National Best Practice Flood Risk Management Guidance: Fitting the Pieces Together
  • Dwayne Honor - 2015 Churchill Fellowship: Preparing and Adapting Communities to Extreme Storm Surge
  • Elspeth O'Shannessy - Prevention of Flood Related Deaths: Key Findings from a National Project Focussing on People Driving Through Floodwater
  • Graeme Milligan - Progess on the Brisbane River Catchment Floodplain Management Studies
  • Graham Gordon - Manging Flood Risk of Mirrool Creek: Lessons Learnt from Past Floods (PEER REVIEWED)
  • Grantley Smith - Vehicle Stability Testing for Flood Flows
  • Ian Ryan - Land Use Planning and Development Control Responding to Flood RIsk Across the Toowoomba Region
  • James Stuart - Atmospheric Rivers, Cyclones and Extreme Flood Estimation: Predicting the Location of the Next Great Flood
  • Janice Green - Preparing for the Next Great Flood Using New Design Rainfalls
  • Joanna Taylor - Consulting Far and Wide: Lessons from Large North-West Floodplains
  • John Murtagh - Hydraulic Categorisation
  • Justin Robinson - An Analysis of the Prolonged Widespread Flooding Experienced in 2016 in NSW
  • Keiko Yamagata - Performance of Short-Term Flood Operations Management of Burrinjuck Dam Releases Using CARM
  • Louise Collier - Basement Development in the Floodplain: Quantifying and Managing the Risk
  • Maree Abood - Whole Government Approach to Regional Flood Risk for the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley
  • Mark Babister - Using Flood Planning Constraints Category Mapping in Planning Activities: An Example Considering NSW Practice
  • Mark Forest - Hydrologic Methods Used in the United States, State-of-the-Art and Research Needs
  • Martin Dwyer - The Trouble with Levees
  • Michael Osborne - A Roadmap Towards the 'Gold Standard' of Floodplain Risk Management
  • Mike Edwards - A Levee Management Framework for Victoria (PEER REVIEWED)
  • Mir Abdus Subhan - Reality vs. Expectations: A Flood Manager's Dilemma
  • Nathan Evans - The Flash Flood Alert Service of Newcastle
  • Neil Dufty - How Can We Improve Community Engagement for Floodplain Management
  • Ouswatta Perera - Building a Flood Resilient Brisbane
  • Philip Conway - The Role of Exposure, Capital and Infrastructure in Post-Disaster Prevention
  • Quy Nhan Pham - Improving the Results of Urban Water Modelling in Data Scarce Area
  • Sharmil Markar - New Flood Stage-Damage Curves for the Gold Coast (PEER REVIEWED)
  • Stephen Yeo - The June 1867 Floods in NSW: Causes, Characteristics, Impacts and Lessons
  • Steven Molino - Developing a Practical Shelter in Place Policy: A Case Study in Fairfield
  • Susan Lengyel - Regional Implementation of Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy: Working with Stakeholders and Community
  • Tara Venturini - Community Engagement: Influencing Outcomes of the Banana Shire Council Floodplain Management Study
  • Tariq Maqsood - Development of Flood Vulnerability Models for Commercial Buildings in Australian Central Business Districts
  • Tyrone Attard - Regional Floodplain Database: The Possibilities are Endless
  • Viktor Brenners - Preparing for the Next Great Flood From the Sea


Conference Presentations


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