Newcastle 2017 Conference Presentations

Download the 2017 FMA Conference Program

3A Mark Forest
3A Rohan Hudson
3B Sarah Ubrien
3B Stephen Yeo
3C James Davidson
3C Louise Collier
3C Ouswatta Perera
3D Ian Ryan
6A Andrew Northfield
6A Lih Chong
6B Nathan Evans
6B James Stuart
6B Steven Molino
6C Andrew Gissing
6C Lengyel and Lett
6C Neil Dufty
6D Carla Mooney
6D Michael Baer
7 Simone De Kleermaeker
8A David Stephens
8B Ben Patterson
8B Chris Gooch
8B Daniel Williams
8B David McPhee
8C Cameron Druery
8C Hester van Zijl
8C Portia Rigby
8C Ross Butler
8D Andrew Vitale
8D Viktor Brenners
10A Maria Pinto
10A Quy Nhan Pham
10B Angela Halcrow
10B Raymond Laine (Dr)
10B Tara Venturini
10D Andrew Lui
10D Mike Edwards
12A Darren Lyons
12A Ella Harrison
12B Amber Webster
12B Ben Tate
12C Graham Gordon
12C Leonie Gray
12C Lieselotte Fearman
12D Michael Osborne

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