Albury 2009 Conference Papers

Conference Papers

  • Babour, E J– Now Where Was That Levee?
  • Benning, Neil – Floodplain Risk Management in the Corowa Shire: The Extreme Floods Are The Question
  • Bewsher, Drew – Flood Risk Mapping: What, Why, How?
  • Bishop, W A -Port Fairy Regional Flood Study: Dealing with Risk in a Coastal Floodplain
  • Chong, Lih – When Mainstream and Overland Floods Overlap: the Challenges of Managing Flood Information in Fairfield City
  • Coates, L – Shelter-in-Place v. Evacuation in Flash Flood Environments
  • Curtis, N Peter – The Forgotten Planning
  • De Bruin, Dick (Keynote) – Integrated Flood Management: Cross Border Major River Systems in Europe (With a Focus on the Rhine)
  • Dewar, R W – How Difficult is it to Predict the Time and Peak of Flood Levels on a Major River System
  • Dinham, Ian – A Tale of Two Graftons
  • Druery, Cameron – Flood Forecasting: From Rainfall to Emergency Response
  • Earl, G C – Managing Out-Of-Bank Environmental Flows: The Issues and Conflicts
  • Edwards, Mike – Comparison of Floodplain Management Principles and Practices in NSW and Victoria
  • Ellwood, J D – The South Albury Flood Mitigation Strategy 15 Years On
  • Frost, Stephen – The Future Floodplain Risk Manager
  • Gabriel, Paul – Developing a Flood Management Planning Framework for Victoria
  • Grech, Paul – Land-Use Planning for Floodplains in NSW: It’s Time to Change the FRM Process
  • Ladson, A R – On the Floodplain Manager Skills Shortage
  • Mansson, Cpt Harry – Geodesign Temporary Flood Barriers: Applications in Recent Projects: Charleville, Qld. 2008, Vietnam etc
  • McLuckie, Duncan – Aims, Objectives and Guidelines for Managing Flood Risk in Australia
  • Molino, Steven – Unifying Flood Information: The Victorian Flood Web Portal
  • Muncaster, Steve – Sharing a Floodplain: Murray River Regional Flood Study
  • Potter, Rohan – Geospatial Data Supporting the Climate Change Agenda: A Series of Case Studies From Australia and New Zealand Utilising the Latest Geospatial Technologies
  • Ronan, N M – Future Flood Resilience: Victoria’s Next Strategy
  • Sheldrick, Susan – FloodSmart: Bringing the Community in Under the PPRR Flood Umbrella
  • Smith, A E – Flood Risk to People: Towards a Framework for Incorporating Life Safety Risk in Australian Floodplain Management
  • Somerville, P – NSW Tsunami Risk: An Overview of the NSW Risk Assessment Scoping Study
  • Westra, S – Recent Developments in Climate Science: Implications for Flood Guidelines


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