National Resilience Taskforce Concludes

1st July 2019

The National Resilience Taskforce, set up in May 2018 within the Department of Home Affairs, has concluded its activities. During this time it delivered:

The National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework

Setting the agenda for the foundational work needed across all sectors to reduce existing risk and prevent new risk being created. Former FMA Queensland Director Dwayne Honor participated in the “Policy Sprint”, which provided input to the Framework

Profiling Australia’s Vulnerability

Exploring new ways of thinking about our vulnerabilities to disaster downloadable here

The first tranche of Guidance for Strategic Decisions on Climate and Disaster Risk

The guidance is foundational and a first iteration, and is available here

A blueprint for a new national information capability on climate and disaster risk

Emergency Management Australia (EMA), will lead the work needed to implement the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework.


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