Tweed Shire Flooding Simulation

6th December 2018

Tweed Shire Council has published a simulation video that shows the real risk of flooding in the Murwillumbah central business district as a way to create more community awareness in the area following the severe flood event in 2017.


The short video shows the three levees of Murwillumbah protecting the CBD during a range of flood events, but overtopping during an extreme event (500-year ARI flood) in the area. 


While many Councils struggle to communicate the realistic risk of flood to their residents, this simulation demonstrates very clearly what areas will become inundated and how, and encourages communities to prepare their home emergency plans should this type of event occur.


FMA Technical Director Danny Rose (also Council Chair of the Tweed Floodplain Management Committee) said “In March 2017, the Murwillumbah CBD Levee began to overtop at the high school, but the heavy rain then stopped, saving the town from a truly catastrophic event.

"That flood in Murwillumbah was a 100-year average recurrence interval flood and for so many people it was devastating. We haven't yet seen a 500-year ARI flood in Murwillumbah but it could happen."


The video has been received very well by the local community, and you can watch it at Tweed Shire Council's My Property > Flooding page of their website.


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